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XRIT® is an innovative Startup that operates in the sector of IOT (Internet of things), Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Extended Reality.
XRIT develops custom projects for engineering, tourism, E-sports and games, and systems characterized by their uniqueness worldwide and with protected intellectual property rights.

Xtended Reality

What is it?

Extended Reality (XR) is an immersive technology in all its forms, a combination of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality.
Through Immersive technology, users will find themselves in a virtual world, or they will interact with a virtually augmented world. Virtual contents are therefore perceived as being extremely close to reality.

How it works

A way to understand Extended Reality (XR) is to imagine wearing a visor for Virtual Reality,  moving your hands and interact with the surrounding environment within Augmented Reality.






Products and Solutions


A complete system for building in Extended Reality, applied to several fields. 


A gaming experience incredibly engaging, totally built in Augmented Reality, where to find and defeat Zombies.


Travel through time and space and visit historical worlds in the past, and futuristic worlds still unexplored, for an experience never seen before.


The first E-sport ever based on wearable devices and on Augmented Reality (AR).

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