A complete system for construction in Extended Reality

XRS ® is a complete system, patent pending, for the use of Extended Reality in the construction process.

XRS ® is integrated to the company system through a cloud CDE platform, customized for the buying company.

Available XRS setups are:
And allow to visualize in XR mode, with centimetric precision, virtual contents, both static and dynamic, even generated in CAD 3D and BIM systems, as well as audio and video.

XRS ® tracks the user position with centimetric precision, in real time, in any part of the world, even for long routes, even with important differences in height, even offline, and allows virtual/real overlapping. The user can therefore walk in a mixed context that can be managed with the controls made available by the system.

XRS ® Set-ups allow the vision also in open air and in presence of high brightness.

XRS ® is green! It allows to reduce movements for technical direction, topography, and allows to reduce/cancel reworks in the construction site with a reduction of the environmental impact of the work.

XRS® Release V.1.0

The current system is provided with the following tools: 

1. CDE allows integration of: 

-Rendered models and documents (text, audio, video etc.);

-BIM 3D Models

-Digital Twin

2. Web or local network surfing;

3. Extended reality georeferenced positioning with centimetric precision;

4. Walking through System;

5. linear,  areal, volumetric, angular, and GPS measurements;

6. X-Ray effect;

7. Communication between system on site and from remote, with visor-screen sharing, Avatar telepresence, notes insertion in real time.